Donations & Fundraising

How can you make a huge difference to the lives of more than one homeless person?

A one-time donation could form part of a Perpetually Self-Replenishing Fund (PSRF) that helps a struggling homeless Latch client to pay their rent upfront. Typically, £408.50 covers one month's rent and your £10/£20/£30/£50/£100 donation could remain a part of this reusable fund, forever! 
HOW? Well, in cases which the client accesses housing benefit, LBB are currently quoting 22days processing time but this does not ensure payment is received within a month. So it's possible the rent due date will be missed completely if the client's earnings are insufficient to cover it.
This is where LATCH can step in with your contribution and the PSRF -  we pay the Host upfront and this is repaid to the charity once the client's housing benefit is paid. The facility is then once again on standby, ready to be "recycled" for another client.
This helps to remove the unspoken financial stress or tension between a client and their host, especially if the client also happens to be looking for work, still. You can help to break this cycle of worry.
To set up a one time donation or standing order hit the Donate button below and please do opt for Gift Aid which raises an additional 25% on top of your donation - thank you for your support.