About us

Introduction to The LATCH Project

LATCH is the only year-round charitable organisation in the London Borough of Bromley committed to assisting and supporting the hidden homeless aged 18 and over, when they have no where else to turn for help.

65% of our service users are aged 18 to 25 and in this age group there are so many people who, despite not meeting all the criteria to enter the care system, are deeply vulnerable and at risk. These may be young people in 6th Form, college or work but their only means of shelter are to sofa-surf or sleep on living room floors for months on end, surviving but hidden. This is the hidden face of homelessness.

There is no hostel accommodation available in central Bromley to accommodate the needs of the homeless. The bed and breakfast accommodations being used as a solution to housing and homeless problems don't unfortunately provide the safe and stable environment, ideal to create and nurture a sense of belonging. This is what the LATCH Hosted Model provides and what every person deserves because it can act as a springboard from which to build the much needed resilience towards independent living.

The London Living Wage Foundation

LATCH is proud to be an employer of the London Living Wage because we believe that a hard day's work deserves a fair day's pay.