It cannot be emphasised enough that clients feel depressed and worthless when they first come to LATCH.  By being placed in a caring atmosphere, they do regain their self-confidence and esteem through the support of both the LATCH staff and householder. Many clients go back into education or obtain employment.  Some clients stay for a few months, others for a year or two. Some relationships between client and host become very close and trusting.

Thinking of becoming a host?

Could you help restore a young person's hope in life and offer a safe home?  We currently have a waiting list of clients waiting to be housed and would like to hear from you.  We make all the arrangements, provide free training and support you.

Hosts can earn up to £90 per week, with no long-term commitment.  For more information, please contact a member of the LATCH team on 0208 460 0042 or email

Please click on the following links to download a host role description, application form and frequently asked questions sheet.

How it works

Clients pay rent to the householders (hosts) for use of the room if they are in work; otherwise, they claim Housing Benefit at the Single Room Rate of £84.27 per week, which is paid directly to the householders. They also pay a weekly charge of £10 for utilities from their own money.

All householders offering rooms are interviewed and their accommodation assessed for Health & Safety issues. References are obtained and applications made to the Disclosure & Barring Services.  Suitable hosts are then added to the LATCH Accommodation Register.