The Team

In The Office

Lolly Bell - Project Manager

As Project Manager my focus is maintenance of the project's framework. I organise and supervise placements for homeless people in private homes. Together with the team I assist the clients and their hosts in maintaining and implementing the terms of their Licence Agreement, and set up personal support plans for each client to help them establish a way forward and progress towards independent living.  Liaising with agencies such as the local council’s Supporting People Team, Homeless Persons Unit and Support & Resettlement Team, Housing Benefits Office, Citizens’ Advice Bureau, local Housing Associations, other third sector voluntary organisations and churches enables us to tackle the homeless needs and the help available within the Bromley community. Together, we build working partnerships and so outreach also falls under my remit. Working together with, churches, community and social groups, schools and colleges to make them aware of how they can help address hidden homelessness raises awareness and lets people know we are here to help.

Glevys Rondon - Solutions & Fundraising


BCHA Trustees

The charity’s trustees are the BCHA Executive Committee, which comprises of three officers – the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer – and currently, four other members. The members are all volunteers and include representatives of different denominations in the borough, along with others in sympathy with the charity’s aims.

Julia Poulter - BCHA Chair

I thank the staff and trustees for all their support and commitment to LATCH Project. The support of the community with all the Mayors of Bromley who act as Honorary President of the charity throughout the years and local councillors who continue to show interest along with leaders of Bromley Churches Together.

Brendan Donegan - Trustee

Richard Collins - Trustee

Romilly Turton - Treasurer

Luke Barrall - Client Advisory


Past Trustees

We owe our thanks to the following founders and previous trustees of BCHA who have enabled the success of the LATCH Project:

Rev. Duncan Aitkins, Beryl Alexander, Patsy Alexander, Anthony Atherton, Jonathan Beck, Roderick Caie, Ranjana Chauhan, Geoff Colton, Mary Ann Cooper, Colin England, David Fagan, Michael Fagan, Rosie Finch, Ron Finch, Malcolm Goodwin, Sarah Hinchliffe, Jack Hodson, Lisa Hodson, Carol Humberstone, Judith Mascarenhas, Cora Marler, Catherine McConnon, Irene Travers, Alice Power, Ella Power, Valerie Power, Ed Tree, John Warren

Ellie Turner - Design Consultant

I first heard about the LATCH project when I was asked to help with their corporate identity. Believing that this is an extremely important charity and having been a qualified graphic designer for over 15 years,  I am now offering my help with all aspects of design and communication.

Honorary President

Councillor Kim Botting - Mayor Of Bromley

The Councillor has held this post since May 2018 and will do so for the duration of her term as Mayor of the London Borough of Bromley.