Welcome to the BCHA LATCH Project Website

LATCH is an acronym for “Living Amicably Together in Caring Homes” and the LATCH Project houses homeless persons aged 18+ in the spare rooms of local homeowners within the London Borough of Bromley.  Bromley Churches’ Housing Action (BCHA) is a registered charity set up in 1988 to work for the relief of poverty among homeless people in the London Borough of Bromley and to provide, in particular, grants and short-term accommodation. Currently, the resources of BCHA are devoted to the LATCH Project.

We work at a local level to meet the needs of young and old homeless people.  LATCH provides homeless young people with a support base, to build resilience in the first steps to independent living; to make a fresh start and become valuable members of the community.

Urgent Appeal for New Hosts

The LATCH Project is always looking for new hosts without whom we are unable to operate. With a number of clients on a waiting list and winter fast approaching the numbers of those seeking homes inevitably increases.

People from all walks of life can become hosts. Typically, if you feel you wish to help and you have a spare bedroom and are willing to offer this room to accommodate a young homeless person, aged 18+ please get in touch. Most importantly, you could be interested in making a difference in a person’s life and helping to fight homelessness in Bromley. LATCH offers each and every host the necessary training and guidance on how to be a good host.

If you or you know someone who is interested in becoming a host, please contact a member of the LATCH office team on 0208 460 0042 or email info@latch-project.co.uk.  There is no obligation to proceed and in most cases, learning more may give you the essential information with which to make the right decision.